Shooting One’s Mouth Off: Restraint

I find writing very cathartic, it calms me down and allows me to take time to think through an issue in more depth; occasionally it allows me to reach-out for the input of others. I often feel at my most inspired, and thus most able to write with passion and flow, when I’m bloody angry about something.

I’m not often openly angry. I respond to annoying stimuli with a measured and saintly calm, before spending hours quietly brooding over the issue and questioning whether the other person was actually right. Regardless, I’ll then relive the annoying event in my head and rewrite it with the inclusion of the witty retorts I wish I’d been able to come up with in the moment.

I have a great number of blogs that I’ve left on the shelf; written whilst my mind was racing but then considered more rationally the following morning, when the enzymes in my liver had broken down several units of Pinot Noir. I often think it’s somehow wrong to self-censor too much. If it’s not hurtful, hateful, factually incorrect, hearsay, or simply libellous then it is just an opinion – we are all entitled to those – and as the saying goes “Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.” Nonetheless, in the cold light of day (yes, that terrible cliche again) I can usually distinguish a valid piece of writing from a thinly-veiled rant about something. Usually. It’s tough to allow myself time to dispassionately review my blogs prior to publishing, sometimes the enthusiasm to share my mind with all-and-sundry can be too great. During the gaps between the published blogs you read I’ve often made inroads drafting a couple of other pieces that I have thought better of publicising.

And there my friends, I truncate this blog. I was pissed-off when I started writing it, and a further three paragraphs of venomous (but wonderfully crafted) scorn have been returned to my brain with a keystroke. I have censored myself and most likely avoided a lot of unnecessary conflict because of it – yet, as always, I’m unsure how I feel about that. Most of us want to share and get feedback on the trying events and gripes in our lives, but sometimes it’s best to just let them go – and not write blogs about them…

Don't Worry Fuck Off - Ian Stevenson, The Outsiders

Don’t Worry Fuck Off – Ian Stevenson, The Outsiders

…even though it’s tempting.


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