Be Brave – Say “Cheese!”

For several years I have been asked by relatives, colleagues and friends, “You don’t mind taking a few photos for me, do you?” I’ve always been rather flattered to have been asked, and have even bought additional kit to make a decent job of fulfilling the requests. I was recently ‘commissioned’ (by way of a free buffet and a drinks token) to take photos at a 70th birthday party. Throughout the evening several people mistook me as a photographer rather than a fellow guest and asked if I had a card I could give them. This party took place just days before I captured an all-night music event, after which my shots went on to be featured on the Resident Advisor website. Last weekend I had a day out at the London Film and Comic Convention, always an event where people are brilliantly candid about having their photos taken. I got snap-happy as usual – it’s not uncommon for me to come home from a day out with five-hundred or more images – and without blowing one’s own trumpet I picked up a set of images which were somewhat better than some of those I later saw from a couple of commercial photographers who were also there. There’s just something I find endlessly fascinating about photographing people.

So – for several weeks I’ve been wobbling on the edge of a big choice. Do I keep doing favours for people? Or do I stop selling myself short, have some faith in my abilities, and develop the cajones to ask for money in return for my experience? Charging people money for things is something the British seem to find strangely awkward; we’re often so keen to please people that we kick ourselves when we later realise we’ve given away something for far less than it was worth. So, I have decided that it’s high-time to be brave, to finally go for it, to say – I am a freelance photographer! (at evenings and weekends)

Without further ado – drum roll please – I proudly present to you all a brand new business… Brave Images! There’s still much to plan, but keep watching this space!














4 responses to “Be Brave – Say “Cheese!”

    • Thanks for the support Maurice – I’m looking forward to getting some work that will really challenge my abilities so I can keep developing.

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