The Sticker Vandal Returns

Having taken a break from street art for so long I feel it’s time to make a triumphant return. Well, I say triumphant, but when I was putting up stickers as ‘STUN’ it seems that only a few people noticed. Someone on Flickr did recognise some of my work, vaguely.

I stopped doing it because I figured it was probably a little childish to be a guy in my mid-twenties wandering the streets with a backpack full of stickers, stopping-off at various lampposts and telecoms cabinets on my travels to surreptitiously rub-down my silly pictures.

Drawing pictures on things is a primative human desire. Mankind made its first mark with cave paintings, and after countless millennia we’re still at it, well – some of us.

I rather started to worry that I was becoming a Suffolk version of Nathan Barley. For those of you unfamiliar: Nathan Barley was a Channel 4 series written by Charlie Brooker in 2004. It was a pastiche of London’s Shoreditch and Hoxton media-scenes. Barley was a twenty-something artist/video producer/club promoter/twat. He ran a tacky website named ‘’, which he refered to as an ‘urban culture dispatch’. Barley was perhaps a little too obscure for many to really understand and it didn’t get commissioned for a second outing; but working in the media I immediately recognised in Nathan the bullshit of an ad-agency creative. I realised that I was often to be found bobbing down the street in baggy combats, giant headphones around my neck, casting a critical eye over the local graffiti as I supped on my double-shot latte.

Cat 06

Perhaps one of the most prolific stick-ups I did was a composite photo of a cat in rather ornate vintage sunglasses. One of the cats lasted for over a year before it got removed, I’d pass it every day with my coffee and check on its health. One morning I was rather pissed-off to see that someone had tried to pick it off, but my adhesive had held strong! I’ve never quite understood the folks who make the time to pick at stickers in the streets. The council just steam-and-scrape or use pressure-washers; only a lone individual would take the time to pick them. Perhaps these people have a natural desire to tidy the world in the same way as I have a natural desire to make stuff?

In recent weeks I’ve realised that I gave up merely because it seemed right to, and not because I actually wanted to. Older, wiser, and with a scrapbook and hard disc full of ideas and a cheap flatbed scanner I picked up on eBay I’ve been considering making my mark again. A new pseudonym, a new style, and bigger cajones. Watch this space.


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