Screw it, let’s do it!

On Friday evening I met Sir Richard Branson. Lovely chap. We were in a hotel bar, the drinks were flowing, we got chatting. Lovely chap… did I already say that? We really hit it off. Richard, as I call him, told me I had some great ideas. He leaned forwards and handed me his card, “Mail me any time, we should work on something.” He relaxed back into the armchair, and with a broad grin and a wink he raised a glass of champagne to me. He looked amazingly comfortable in the space suit he was wearing. Did I not mention that? Yes, he was wearing a space suit. Oddly, the suit didn’t seem at all amiss. Branson always carries off those kinds of quirky things with such a casual ease that I thought no more of it.

Dream sequence over. I woke in a fantastic mood that stayed with me all day. Branson’s casual and friendly personality is so strong that even in my sleep he didn’t deviate one bit – which is probably what made it so vivid, even lucid. I’m not one to read a lot into dreams or bother with post-sleep analysis. For the most part my dreams are simply piles of garbled bollocks. However, I can still remember a couple of childhood nightmares very clearly. In the late 80s my dad let me stay up late to watch the episodic mini-series cut of Wolfgang Peterson’s movie Das Boot. For some reason I wanted to watch, and I think dad appreciated my interest in a grown-up subtitled German war movie. I was really enjoying it until the closing scene of the final episode; the entire cast was gruesomely mown down by machine gun fire. I didn’t sleep for several days. Dad still recounts his guilt at letting me stay up so late to watch it, he worried that he may have mentally scarred me for life. The experience actually had quite the opposite effect, once the night terrors had subsided. I developed a love for a broad spectrum of cinema, including subtitled foreign-language movies, so it all worked out rather well.

Anyway, back to my nocturnal encounter with Richard Branson. No, that sounds wrong. Back to the dream I had about Richard Branson. No, that also sounds wrong. Look, I’ve explained the situation so let me just pick up where I left off. I don’t usually read a lot into my dreams but this one seemed to have a definite message – I should have more faith in my ideas, my creativity, and that I should get someone with some drive to help me progress them further. Much as I’d love to call Branson about all this I have a strange feeling he’d think I’m a nutter… although I’m sure he’d be frightfully polite about it. However, I have decided to simply make his motto my own, “Screw it, let’s do it!”



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